Show: Physical

Status: watched

Rating: ★★★☆☆

In this show we follow housewife Sheila Rubin in 1980s San Diego as she struggles on a path of self-discovery while trying to be mom, housewife, and more, battling some of her demons.

I liked it. Got quite into it. The show's portrayal of Sheila's struggles seemed a little strange at first, but then turned into a powerful display of what it feels like to struggle like Sheila does. (I'm trying hard to avoid spoilers here, as you can probably tell.) I like the use of audible internal self-talk, pacing, sound design, and visuals to convey the buildup of internal pressure and how our perception of reality is shaped by all this. Okay, let's try this:

Happy I watched it?
Yes. The show took me for a ride for a couple of hours, which I enjoyed, and I was inspired by its creative portrayal of mental illness and the problems it causes.

Where you can watch it:

This show airs on AppleTV+.

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