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Emacs and Org-Mode

  • Much more than an editor. More like a little Lisp machine.
  • I use emacs and org-mode mainly for organizing my life, collecting information, and writing prose. I have now started with some programming in emacs, too.
  • This website consists of simple org files that I export to HTML.
  • Linux, Mac, Win


  • Workflowy, TiddlyWiki, org-mode, Obsidian, and Roam mashup
  • Open source and local first
  • Works with org files
  • Works on desktop and mobile (Android)
  • Linux, Mac, Win, Android


Threema Messenger

  • it's similar, but different to other messengers
  • main competitor (in my mind): Signal
    • what Threema does better than Signal:
      • greater transparency
      • based in CH, not U.S.
      • does not force updates down my throat (really hate this about Signal)
      • I can have an unlimited number of chats with myself for secure, multi-media notes
      • easy, straight-forward chat export
        • I can export any chat to a local, encrypted .zip file
        • this means I my data is truly mine and I can take it out at any time
          • I do not depend on Threema's client to access my chat data as with Signal
      • Full independence from Google thanks to their fully FOSS client (Threema Libre)
      • F-Droid support
      • Anonymous use possible: no phone number or email required
      • Video messages just as feasible as voice messages thanks to practical compression built-in
        • Telegram does this, too
        • WhatsApp, Signal don't support this as they record gigantic video files that in effect become impractical for this purpose
      • notifications actually work
        • this has been bugging me about Signal recently; my messages to certain recipients would only be delivered once they opened Signal on their device
          • even though all power saving and battery optimization had been explicitly turned off for Signal
          • used to work before the recent (forced) update
  • well worth the one-time license fee

Buddha Doodles

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Author: Adam Werling (website_mail AT

Created: 2022-08-26 Fri 13:02