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June 06 to 12, 2022

May 30 to June 05, 2022

Sep 06 to 12, 2021

Aug 30 to Sep 05, 2021

  • Logseq (software) <— really getting into this local-first, text-file based outliner
  • Clojure (programming language)
  • Seventh Angel: Lament for the Weary (music) (old-school, doomy, slightly progressive, massively underrated thrash metal album)
  • Seventh Angel: The Torment (music) (lovely old-school, slightly progressive thrash metal ablum; this is my favorite of the two) (check it out on YouTube)
  • Trialing Bearable (software) for mood tracking.
    • Not too happy about this being a mobile app only, but if it makes tracking and processing easier, so be it.
  • The Morning Show on AppleTV+ (TV show).

Aug 23 to 29, 2021


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