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July 04 to July 17, 2022

  • Documentary: Extra feature about Star Wars' Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker on disney+
    • the amount of work that goes into these movies is unbelievable; so is the attention to detail.
  • Buddha Doodles: these doodles are just absolutely lovely; can't overstate my appreciation of them
  • Book: Finished Why the Germans Do it Better by John Kampfner 5/10
  • Book: What is Life? by Paul Nurse
  • Music: Traitor's Exiled to the Surface (2022) and then their back catalog
    • very nice '80's-style straight and fast thrash metal
  • Movie: Finishing all Star Wars movies in timeline order
  • Tech: HP Dev One
    • a proper, affordable Linux-first laptop by HP
  • Show: Man vs. Bee on Netflix 3/10
    • a new show with Rowan Atkinson. As I was watching the old Mr. Bean originals again I was hoping for maybe something similar. Lots of people seem to like Man vs. Bee. I fould it visually beautiful, like many modern shows, but lacking in substance and overall just okay. Was a bit disappointed. Maybe it would have been better to watch it with enough distance from Mr. Bean, which I adore.
  • Show: Mr. Bean (the original live action show) on Netflix 8/10
  • Show: Peppa Pig on Netflix
  • Show: The Smurfs (original version) on Netflix
  • Show: Old Enough! on Netflix (Japanese toddler show)
  • Misc: Spoon Theory
  • Comic:
    • one of my absolute favorites
  • Software: Ubuntu Unity
    • Unity is back! (Well, it kind of never really went away, but this a promising return to form in my opinion.)
  • Software: Ladybird web browser
    • a new browser with a completely independent engine
    • early, early alpha
    • very short HN discussion
  • Software: Nyxt web browser
    • Lisp! Emacsy!
    • Couldn't run it yet (macOS seems a pain; libraries not yet updated for ubuntu 22.04), but I am very keen on trying.

June 27 to July 03, 2022

June 13 to 26, 2022

June 06 to 12, 2022

May 30 to June 05, 2022

Sep 06 to 12, 2021

Aug 30 to Sep 05, 2021

  • Logseq (software) <— really getting into this local-first, text-file based outliner
  • Clojure (programming language)
  • Seventh Angel: Lament for the Weary (music) (old-school, doomy, slightly progressive, massively underrated thrash metal album)
  • Seventh Angel: The Torment (music) (lovely old-school, slightly progressive thrash metal ablum; this is my favorite of the two) (check it out on YouTube)
  • Trialing Bearable (software) for mood tracking.
    • Not too happy about this being a mobile app only, but if it makes tracking and processing easier, so be it.
  • The Morning Show on AppleTV+ (TV show).

Aug 23 to 29, 2021


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