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About Me

I like to think. Really like it. Maybe a tad bit too much.

I like to think about questions that explore the origin and nature of things. I wonder what life is. What we are. What this is. Existence. Matter. Time. Space.

I also like to ponder what makes us humans tick. And why. And how. What we are. Why we are. How we are.

I like to explore these questions from mainly scientific angles (physics, biology, psychology), while inadvertently putting everything into a philosophical context.

I like computers. I like using computers. I like making computers do what I want.

I like music. I deeply enjoy listening to the right (for me) kind of music. Music such as Testament's Titans of Creation, Tone's Phantom, Circle of Dust's Brainchild, or Larkin Poe's Kin. I'd love to make music. Have dabbled in it in the past.

I like learning. Exploring. Discovering. Broadening my mental horizon. Feeling "I know that I know nothing". Discovering and marveling at complexity.

I like gazing at the stars at night.

I like peace and quiet.

I like nature, especially forests. And lakes.

I like meeting like-minded people. I like to connect.

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Created: 2022-05-31 Tue 19:26